Made To Match

Welcome to the Regency Mouldings cornice matching service. If you need mouldings reproduced to match an original profile to replace damaged/missing sections or to mirror existing cornicing, then please read on.

Below you will find instructions on how to take a template, and how much it will cost. You can also order directly online with our easy to use price banding.

All orders will be ready within 3 weeks of receipt of template, which can then be collected from our premises or delivered using our in house delivery service (available at the checkout from £30 inclusive of VAT with the South West). Please check availability here

Please note: This pricing applies to plain run mouldings only and NOT ornate/enriched cornicing/coving eg. egg & dart, dentil, scroll, leaf motif designs. Please call for more information.
Step 1
cutting plaster coving

Using a timber saw, cut through the existing coving at a slight angle.

Step 2
plaster cornice tracing profile

Insert a thin piece of card, keeping it square in relation to the wall and ceiling, carefully sketch around the shape with a sharp pencil.

Step 3
plaster moulding profile finished trace

Carefully check your outline, carefully going over your marks if necessary. After you are happy, post it to the address below.

From this we can produce new mouldings to match. If you have a small section of the actual moulding available, send this as well.
Full Instructions

Using a standard timber saw, cut straight in to the cornice face. Insert a thin piece of card (Not corrugated card. The reverse of a cereal box is ideal) and keeping it square in relation to the wall and ceiling, carefully sketch around the shape with a sharp pencil.


Profiles are to be sent via post to us at:

Regency Mouldings Ltd,
Unit 2,
Small Industries Estate,


As cornice comes in various sizes, we have a 4 level price band, determined by measuring the distance across the face of the profile (Please check the image for more information on how to measure the cornice). Each has an initial set-up fee, and price per 2.5m length thereafter.

The following are prices for plain runs. For enriched or ornate coving please contact us for pricing.

made to match measuring
Band 1 (sizes up to 150mm)

£66.00 inc. VAT

Setup fee - £84.00

Band 2 (sizes 151mm – 250mm)

£72.00 inc. VAT

Setup fee - £96.00

Band 3 (sizes 251mm – 350mm)

£78.00 inc. VAT

Setup fee - £108.00

Band 4 (sizes 351mm to 450mm)

£84.00 inc. VAT

Setup fee - £120.00